Covering More Ground For You

At DSG Benefits, we excel at identifying current plan weaknesses, opportunities for revisions and typically overlooked details – details that can make all the difference in your benefits strategy and associated costs. Our blend of strategic thinking and pro-active planning merges with our vast resources and cutting-edge technology to provide a solution that’s both uncommon in method and unparalleled in value.

“We have worked with DSG Benefits for almost 4 years now.  Time and time again, the professionals at DSG have gone above and beyond in assisting our organization with our insurance needs.  With their expertise and their commitment to customer service, they have helped us to provide our employees with excellent benefits at a lower cost, through the implementation of both an HSA and HRA plan.  Their service and guidance to our organization has been invaluable.  We are happy to have DSG Benefits as our partner in benefits administration."

Maureen Mixtacki, CPA
Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration & Finance
The Dallas Opera

The Expertise

Industry Insight

Not only do we take the time to understand each business and how it may be growing, we stay on top of legislation, follow the trends, and keep a close watch on market changes to keep you ahead of the curve. As a DSG client, this uncommon insight translates into a more valuable benefits plan and a more powerful relationship with your broker – one that will continually evolve over the long term to reveal a stronger employee benefits plan at a highly competitive cost.

Valuable Data

As a DSG client, you’ll have exclusive access to a wealth of information designed to serve your specific business – including high-level comparative market research expanding far outside the benefits realm, as well as regional industry graphics revealing direction on what your competitors are offering. Just as valuable, employees will gain a better understanding of the impact their benefits plan makes on their overall employment package through in-depth compensation and benefits statements.

Employee Communication & 24/7 Technology

Benefit plans require informed choices by your employees in order to be effective. Regardless of how well the plan is designed, it will fail to meet the objectives if it’s not communicated to employees effectively. That’s why we’ve established a sophisticated communication process to show your employees the full value of your benefit program, from face-to-face employee enrollment and education

seminars, to the latest Web-based technology. This integrated approach helps support Human Resources departments, relieves time-consuming administration duties, streamlines communications, and most importantly, ensures employees have access to the information they need 24/7.

Plan Review and Updating

Benefit plans exist in a dynamic business and government regulatory climate.  Thus, no tool or technique of benefit planning will be effective indefinitely without revision. DSG establishes a regular schedule for reviewing and monitoring your plan effectiveness and plan costs. In addition, you and your employees have access to our services at all times.

Broad Relationships

Because we take a more creative approach in order to uncover the best plan for your business; collaborating with industry experts, evaluating options with different carriers, etc., DSG has accumulated an expansive rolodex of resources that bring a value above what most other brokers can access. In fact, because of the volume we bring to national carriers, we have in some cases been able to win concessions on behalf of our clients that would have otherwise not been made available. These strong relatiocnships paired with our innovative thinking enables us to fully exhaust the market’s offerings for the most ideal program at the lowest cost

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