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To create a one-of-a-kind plan designed just for your business, you need a benefits partner that offers a one-of-a-kind discovery and implementation process. That’s why we created a proprietary four-step guide, all designed to help ensure clients a tailor-made plan that meets their objectives, and stays well within their cost constraints.

“DSG continues to exhibit an educator’s philosophy with easy-to-understand, comprehensive analysis and reports.”

Don Girard
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
National Banner Company, Inc.





Our Process


Step 1: Plan & Analyze

  • Educate client on best practices and recent industry trends.
  • Conduct thorough analysis of all existing employee plans for underlying benefits, cost effectiveness, contribution strategies, claim utilization and more.
  • Conduct benchmarking analysis to determine marketplace positionrelative to similarly situated employers.
  • Survey employees, host focus groups, evaluate historical data and corporate culture.
  • Begin continual process of evaluating plan effectiveness and measuring ROI.

Step 2: Design & Build

  • Identify current business initiatives, goals and objectives, and through the analysis of employee feedback, develop a benefits program that supports them.
  • Conduct gap analysis on current offerings and design a program around fulfilling expectations within a stated financial budget.
  • Review and provide recommendations that include strategies to curb short-term costs, and more importantly create a long-term plan.
  • Build a program providing access to a range of options so employees can select the benefits they need and want.

Step 3: Implement

  • Create an exciting, branded communication strategy that positions the benefits program in a positive light with employees.
  • Communicate with employees with an emphasis on building a partnership to control future costs and manage changes more effectively.
  • Leverage technology systems and tools to provide employees with real-time online access, maximize education and benefits use, and ultimately, provide a greater value.
  • Utilize an effective enrollment process so employees can easily enroll and walk away feeling educated and protected.
  • Customize a benefits brochure and employ electronic forms to reduce HR burdens, expedite provider processing, and help with new employee enrollments throughout the year.

Step 4: Manage Year Round

  • Assist with eligibility issues throughout the year (enrollments, changes, terminations, etc.).
  • Assist with escalated claim issues throughout the year (auditing, erroneous billing, etc.).
  • Assist with COBRA, HIPAA, and other compliance matters.
  • Measure employee satisfaction prior to renewal.
  • Negotiate aggressive new premium with carriers well in advance of renewal.





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