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At DSG, we pride ourselves on taking a non-traditional approach in a traditional industry. Our unique solutions, innovative thinking and long-term planning translate to a direct benefit to you, our client. Simply stated: dollar for dollar, we can put a better program together and service it at a higher level then most. We’ve already helped a number of clients save a significant amount of revenue decreasing rates from 30% to 50%, without sacrificing quality. Why not be next?

“DSG Benefits gained our business by demonstrating a level of expertise and objectivity.  As a software company we need to provide a top-tier benefit package and we felt DSG Benefits would assist us in ensuring our employees receive the best in health-care at the lowest possible cost.”

Charles Brockenbush
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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The Programs

Beside are our areas of focus as it relates to coverage programs. Click to reveal a more specific menu of offerings, or to review our value-added services, like employee education and consulting, click here.

Have a need that’s not addressed in our outline of program specialties? DSG is up for the challenge! Just ask an expert.

Did you know you're under no obligation to your current benefits plan or broker?
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