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It’s a very rare case that we fail to help our clients save on costs or improve the overall value of their current benefits plan in some way. In fact, we’ve often managed to save our clients anywhere from 30% to 50% without sacrificing quality. But for all our creative thinking, we feel the most authentic way to demonstrate our success is to let our clients tell you themselves.

“We had been looking for a long time for a firm that could create a quality plan for our dancers at an affordable cost. DSG was able to customize a plan specific to our unique needs and save our organization a tremendous amount of premium dollars.”

Zenetta S. Drew
Dallas Black Dance Theatre

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Engineering Firm

The Situation: A high-technology engineering firm was consciously paying a high premium because a rich employee benefits package with low copays and low deductibles was paramount to their ability to attract and retain employees. After deciding to hire DSG as their benefits consulting firm, DSG spent approximately three months designing a sophisticated benefits package that would transition them from a very traditional health insurance plan to a high deductible, HSA-compatible, health plan.

The Results: From the outside this new plan looked to be completely opposite of the current plan. The DSG plan was a very high deductible at $3000 (versus the previous year’s $500 deductible), with the employee responsible for all office visit and pharmacy expenses from $0 to $3000 (compared to $10 copays on the previous plan). The immediate result of this plan change was a more than 50% cost reduction in annual premium.

This significant savings in fixed costs allowed DSG to help incorporate a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for the firm. This addition provided employees with $2,500 of front-end coverage for their $3,000 deductible, and $5,000 of front-end coverage for employees covering dependents at a $6,000 deductible. In essence, with this newly incorporated HRA, from $0 to $2500, the employee is out-of-pocket nothing (the employer-sponsored HRA pays these claims). Plus, the employee is only responsible for medical expenses from $2501 to $3000 – a total of $500! Due to the richness of this benefit plan, the majority of employees were out-of-pocket $0 dollars throughout the year. Moreover, the engineering firm saved over 30% in first-years costs with an additional 7% rate decrease upon renewal. This engineering firm continues to offer its employees a higher level of benefits at a much lower cost, as DSG remains extremely involved with implementation/open-enrollment meetings, year-round employee education, and ongoing access to information designed to maximize benefit usage while helping the employer reduce costs.

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