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It’s a very rare case that we fail to help our clients save on costs or improve the overall value of their current benefits plan in some way. In fact, we’ve often managed to save our clients anywhere from 30% to 50% without sacrificing quality. But for all our creative thinking, we feel the most authentic way to demonstrate our success is to let our clients tell you themselves.

“We had been looking for a long time for a firm that could create a quality plan for our dancers at an affordable cost. DSG was able to customize a plan specific to our unique needs and save our organization a tremendous amount of premium dollars.”

Zenetta S. Drew
Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Our Results - National Wood Manufacturing Firm

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National Wood Manufacturing Firm
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National Wood Manufacturing Firm

The Situation: A top-quality hardwood manufacture had just switched disability insurance carriers for savings reasons. However, they did not fully review what the language of the disability policy would mean if an employee were to become disabled due to accident or illness.

The Results: DSG was able to enhance the contract significantly so the firm knew they had the best policy that would pay the most amounts of claims in the most situations. Not only was the plan significantly improved, and thereby the benefit to the eligible employees, we were also able to transition the manufacture to a higher rated carrier at a more than 35% annual cost savings.

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