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Bringing transparency and accountability to the health insurance ecosystem. A refreshing and distinctive difference.

Committed to employers


Our current healthcare system is broken and unsustainable. Employers are facing unprecedented challenges and need help.

At DSG, we design and manage sustainable benefit programs that align with corporate objectives. Employers who work with us recognize there have to be better options than what is offered through today’s traditional plans. They want something different.

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Creative solutions to help contain healthcare costs
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An end to cost-shifting or changing carriers each year
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The right partner who aligns with their beliefs and objectives
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A caring, knowledgeable team to support their employees

Recognizing the challenges


Budget increases and financial instability around the health plan are at the root of many problems employers have to manage. Health insurance is one of the top three line items in any company’s budget. Yet, planning for this spend has been nearly impossible with persistently large premium increases.  The alphabet soup of compliance requirements creates additional challenges and increased costs for companies of all sizes: ACA, FLSA, HIPAA, COBRA, PCORI, etc.

To move beyond merely surviving the wave of issues and ultimately thrive as a business, employers must find solutions to control benefit costs, yet still provide options that will attract, support, and retain the best workforce.

A distinctive difference

Intentional and pragmatic
Our core service

is a diagnostic method for uncovering and mitigating risk. Through our discovery process, we determine clients' needs and objectives. We then design and implement cutting-edge benefit programs using innovative strategies and expertise most employers are unaware of, and most advisors don’t understand.

Our consultative approach

comprises realistic strategies, clear patterns for engagement and execution, and diligent tracking and measuring of targeted objectives. We understand pain points employers feel and offer clear advantages for them of stability and security, knowing they are regularly informed and prepared.

Our transparent philosophy

drives our engagements. DSG is a full disclosure firm, basing our compensation on services delivered. We tailor programs to fit employer needs and agree upon terms before starting any new engagement. Our proactive advisory services and strategies are key to a strong return on benefits investment.

Helping organizations thrive


Employers need the right partner to identify and adapt to healthcare market demands, understand the evolving regulatory environment, and keep health costs under control. DSG Benefits Groups’ services provide employers with an inclusive approach to employee benefits and HR management and help employers:


Smart decisions start with analyzing data. DSG reviews existing plan designs, benefits strategies, policies, contracts, technology platforms, limitations, exclusions, compliance, employee satisfaction, engagement, and education, providing employers with visibility.


With HR service and support, online benefits administration and communication, and professional advocacy and awareness, DSG optimizes employers’ current operations to keep everything running well.


Healthcare is a critical part of attracting and retaining employees. DSG brings employers a strategic review of their executive benefits, compliance practices, and any potential merger and acquisition liabilities to give employers a clear path forward.

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