Employee Benefits Consulting

The key to benefits is to be competitive.  At DSG Benefits Group we know your company gains competitive advantages from an experienced and hard working team.  We believe in managing people as an investment, not a cost.  One of the most significant investments you make is in your people and the necessary expenses of providing better benefits than your competitors.
Our ability to balance the corporate financial goal of increasing shareholder’s stake in the firm with the human resources goal of providing the absolute best benefits to recruit, retain, and reward top talent has established DSG Benefits Group as one of the leading independent employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms in the state of Texas.
Our innovative team approach blends your unique needs with our creative thinking, comprehensive expertise, and in-depth resources to help you and your employees with benefit management, plan design, and employee communication.

At DSG we fully understand the correlation between benefits satisfaction and job satisfaction.  A proper benefits plan has the potential to influence so many lives in hundreds of positive ways therefore we strive to help make your employees healthier and happier at work.  If you have been asked, “How can we do more without spending much more?”, then it is time to visit with DSG Benefits Group.

Did you know you're under no obligation to your current benefits plan or broker?
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