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Working with DSG

DSG brings modern thinking, transparency, and sustainable employee benefits solutions to employers as well as programs to control costs through targeted objectives. We are innovators in a field where change is mandatory, and we guide our clients to be leading employers in their marketplace. An engaged workforce is an approach to mitigating risk, which translates to healthier employees and lower costs.

The DSG philosophy

At DSG, we have a client-first philosophy, which means:

  • We are unconditionally committed to serving our clients, ensuring they have peace of mind and an excellent experience.
  • We want clients to receive a high-touch, personalized service, and we want them to feel they made a smart decision in hiring DSG.
  • Our team is well-versed in employee benefits strategies and offers an arsenal of cost containment solutions to meet clients’ unique needs.
  • Most importantly, our clients work with a team that listens to them, helping them achieve continuous improvement.

How we work

Each employers’ unique needs should not be forced into a preset mold. Here’s what to anticipate when working with DSG:

  • Understand:  DSG listens to understand employers’ unique objectives.  
  • Evaluate: The team gathers and reviews historical information and gauges employee understanding and satisfaction with existing plans.  
  • Analyze:  DSG reviews existing plans, policies, contracts, technology platforms, limitations, exclusions, compliance, employee satisfaction, engagement, and education, providing employers with visibility. 
  • Employer buy-in:  Employer needs to clearly see the benefits of working with DSG, and once they feel their objectives are understood, evaluated fairly, and analyzed fully, they will move forward with DSG.  
  • Align and educate:  DSG compiles and analyzes all data to recommend solutions that will help clients achieve goals aligned with corporate objectives.  
  • Commit to DSG: After all this, the employer commits by either signing a Broker of Record letter or paying fees for services.  

Helping organizations thrive

The healthcare market constantly changes. Employers need the right partner to identify and adapt to market demands, understand the evolving regulatory environment, and keep health costs under control. DSG’s services provide employers with an inclusive approach to employee benefits solutions and HR management with fully insured or self-funded plans.

Benefits strategy
The strategy behind a plan design requires objective benefits consulting, marketing strategies, ongoing management, and performance reviews. DSG provides all this and helps Employerscreate a structured benefits strategy by:

  • Learning organizational objectives
  • Analyzing employers’ demographics
  • Recommending a strategy to deliver maximum impact and effectiveness


Risk analysis
Risk management involves analytics, population health management, predictive modeling, contract analysis, and exclusion audits. We do this and take it further. DSG redefines employer risk strategies with high-performing, flexible plans that:

  • Optimize risk management
  • Stabilize insurance costs
  • Engage business owners and key employees


Plan design optimization
DSG designs plans and employee benefits solutions that combat healthcare inflation with aggressive and progressive cost management tools, along with:

  • Architecting sustainable plan designs
  • Providing actuarial and renewal analysis
  • Benchmarking services, evaluations, and contribution modeling

HR support/consulting 
The HR resources we offer include bill reconciliation, administration, reports, and roundtables. DSG also offers client-specific HR services and support to help implement benefits programs by:

  • Organizing and keeping employer systems running smoothly
  • Offering human capital management and renewal management
  • Providing back-office support and consolidated billing


Technology integration 
The changing benefits landscape means that insurance agency technology and platforms need to keep up. DSG helps with implementing online benefits administration and communication platforms, which:

  • Allow complete control over employee enrollments
  • Streamline administration tasks by offering customized and automated reports
  • Offer multiple enrollment channels for employee benefits solutions


It is essential that our clients feel DSG is there and advocating on their behalf. We provide professional support and create awareness for plan members through:

  • Engagement tools and concierge services
  • Employee communication and education
  • Claims assistance and patient advocacy

Healthcare laws are complicated, and compliance can be confusing. To minimize confusion and risk and to reduce liabilities, DSG provides full compliance support that includes:

  • A tracking calendar with monthly compliance updates
  • ACA compliance-related ERISA support and COBRA administration
  • Assistance with preparation and filing


Executive Benefits
Executive benefit programs for business owners and key employees are a critical component of a corporate benefits strategy. A well-designed and implemented program is essential in recruiting and retaining top-tier talent who will contribute to the company’s growth and profitability. To prepare for the retirement, death, or disability of a business owner or key employee, we help strategize the following programs:

  • Key person insurance
  • Buy/sell planning
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Individual disability carve-out plans


M&A due diligence 
When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the process should be as straightforward and transparent as possible. DSG guides clients through the process by:

  • Reducing hidden liabilities during mergers and acquisitions
  • Protecting buyers from post-closing surprises
  • Giving sellers a negotiating edge with a clean bill of health on their benefits plan

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Break the mold.

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